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For the engineering of a PROFINET IO-System we need the following tasks:

Task 1: Planning of an IO-System

The planning of the PROFINET IO-System defines:

one or several IO-Controller(s)

a list of IO-Devices which do cyclic data exchange with the controller with a defined number of bytes and the required update time

a possible network topology

Task 2: Configuration of the IO-Controller

In the configuration task (off-line) the PROFINET IO-System is defined with the help of the Engineering Tool (ET)

Task 3: Commissioning of the IO-System

With the commissioning task (online) of the PROFINET IO-System using the Engineering Station as the IO-Supervisor the IO-System is installed and prepared to get running.

The Engineering Tool (ET) is always delivered by the manufacturer of the IO-Controller. So this manual has first a general part explaining the general principles followed by detailed explanation for different tools. The first task for the planning is almost independent from this tool.