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Welcome on the website of the PROFINET Competence Center in Burgdorf.

We startet here to collect our documentation on PROFINET IO. Please see also the German version for more information.




This document describes the technology of PROFINET as an addition to the specification and available books.


The information in this document is collected from different sources, which are not stated explicitly. The document is under construction and not complete nor consistent in its actual presentation.


Important remark

Although all information and details in this document have been carefully checked, no responsibility can be assumed for any errors in this document or for damage arising from them. Brand names are used in this document with no claim of derivation.


Last modification: Version 0.1.1 vom Friday, August 25, 2017


© 2017 Max Felser

Prof. Max Felser

Bern University of Applied Sciences

PROFINET Competence Center (PICC)