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Planning of an IO-System

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The first task of the engineering of an PROFINET IO-System is the planning of the IO-System.

Planning of a PROFINET IO-System can be structured in the following steps:

1. Structure the IO-System:Fix the relations between the IO-Controller and the IO-Devices for the cyclic data exchange
2. Define IO Controller:Define an IO-Controller in charge of the IO-System
3. Collect IO-Devices:Collect a list of IO-Devices with the included number of modules and input and output data for the control of the process
4. Specify IO-Proxy:Specify how other fieldbus like PROFIBUS are integrated
5. Specify Conformance: Specify the Conformance Classes (CC) according the requirements of the application
6. Define Topology:Define the topology of the network
7. Define Timing:Define the timing requirements for the cyclic data
8. Validate Performance:Validate the performance
9. Define Addresses:Define a naming and addressing schema

To support the systematic planning with theses steps we defined the following form: